Rental Clean Price List

Includes Cleaning and Laundry

  • One Bedroom Apartment - €75.00

  • Two Bedroom Apartment - €90.00 

  • Three Bedroom Apartment - €110.00 

  • Four Bedroom Apartment - €168.00

  • Four Bedroom Penthouse - €189.00 

  • Villas priced individually

All prices exclude IVA

Female hands cleaning on blue background

Rental Clean Includes

  • Removal of all rubbish

  • Removal of all food stuff – excluding condiments

  • Clean all kitchen appliances and check all functioning

  • Check each kitchen cupboard and clean where required

  • Clean and sort cutlery draw  

  • Clean bathrooms – ensure no limescale on shower screens / removal of hair from plugs and shining of all chrome fittings.

  • Strip beds and make up

  • Dust / Shine all surfaces and mirrors

  • Check all drawers and wardrobes for items left and dust inside

  • Remove handprints and greasy marks from windows / patio doors where accessible

  • Wipe down outside furniture

  • Return any furniture that has been moved to original position

  • Sweep / Hoover floors including outside terraces

  • Mop floors with damp or dry mop


Rental Laundry Includes

  • Bedding for each bedroom

  • 2 bath and 2 hand towels for each bedroom

  • Tea towel(s)

  • Bath mats


Rental Laundry Excludes

  • Additional bedding for put up beds - €15 / additional bed

  • Additional bath or hand towels - €2 / bath towel and €1 / hand towel each

  • Beach towels - €2 each

All prices exclude IVA


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